30th Anniversary Battle Packs Boxed Jabba's Palace Musicians

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Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars with this Max Rebo Band (Jabba's Palace Musicians) multi-pack. Includes four action figures!

/!\WARNING-CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. For Ages 4 & Up.

Exclusive to Wal-mart Stores in 2007.

The Max Rebo Band: Jabba's Palace Musicians Box Set includes Sy Snootles, Max Rebo, Doda Bodonawieedo, Barquin Dâan and Droopy McCool. The box set is arranged to resembled a shadowy, tiered stage. Generally speaking, itâs rarity to find entertainment in Jabbaâs dank and virulent throne room that does not involve thermal detonators or screaming females being fed to Jabbaâs pet rancor. Doda Bodonawieedo is the hip Rodian on the slitherhorn. Barquin Dâan, older brother of Figrin Dâan plays the Kloo horn. Droopy McCool, a Kitonak performer, is tearing up on the chidinkalu plant flute. Charismatic Ortolan band leader Max Rebo is playing the Red ball organ while Sy Snootles, an ambitious Paâlowick singer, squawks and ululates in the foreground.

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Toy Line 30th Anniversary (2007-2008)