30th Anniversary Battle Packs Boxed Capture of Tantive IV C-9

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Capture of Tantive IV battle pack includes Darth Vader, two stormtroopers, and two rebel soldiers.

Princess Leia's antiquated Tantive IV saw much action during her early involvement with the Rebel Alliance, as she often bypassed Imperial blockades on mercy missions' that were often as not Rebel supply runs. When the plans for the Death Star were transmitted to the ship, however, Darth Vader did not hesitate to run it down and capture it, along with Leia. The sinister Dark Lord of the Sith was the fearsome face of the Empire's effort to destroy the Rebel Alliance. He would stop at nothing to recover the stolen Death Star plans, including inflicting the cruel depredations of the IT-O interrogation droid on his prisoners. Unfailingly loyal to the Emperor, and without concern for their own life or safety, stormtroopers went about the messy business of capturing enemy ships with grim dedication. They flooded through narrow corridors filled with enemy fire, overwhelmingly defenders with sheer numbers. Though inexperienced in combat against trained and determined fighters like the Imperial stormtroopers that swarmed onto their ship, these troopers were utterly loyal to Princess Leia and the Rebel Alliance. They fought to the last man in defense of their ship. Add these awesome figures to your collection! Set of five cool Star Wars action figures help you relive a memorable moment in the Star Wars saga! Includes Darth Vader, 2 Stormtrooper and 2 Rebel Trooper figures.

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Toy Line 30th Anniversary (2007-2008)