2010 Vintage-Style Vehicle Boxed Millennium Falcon (Exclusive)

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2010 Vintage-Style Vehicle Boxed Millennium Falcon

Product Description

Take your Star Wars adventures to a whole new level with this incredibly detailed MILLENNIUM FALCON vehicle! The many features of this realistic, 2 -foot-long vehicle let you re-enact the most amazing scenes from the Star Wars film ? and then create brand new ones! The cockpit lights up and opens to let you put your HAN SOLO and CHEWBACCA figures and up to 2 more figures (sold separately) inside. The boarding ramp opens, the gunner station pivots and fires missiles, and the vehicle has an illuminated DEJARIK table and a training probe for LIGHTSABER practice, just like in the movie! Open the secret smuggling compartments so your Rebel figures can hide from STORMTROOPERS (sold separately). Put your figures at the controls of this MILLENNIUM FALCON vehicle and "head for the stars!" This Star Wars MILLENNIUM FALCON vehicle features: Over 2feet long!Secret smuggling compartments!Firing missiles! Missile-firing mini-fighter! Illuminated DEJARIK table with holo monsters Training probe for LIGHTSABER practice

  • Open the cockpit to put up to 4 figures (2 figures included; other figures sold separately) inside
  • Auto-opening boarding ramp
  • Cockpit lights up
  • Pivoting gunner station to target Imperial fighters
  • Electronic lights, sounds & phrases!
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Toy Line The Vintage Collection (2010 -Current)