2010 Legacy Collection Boxed Defense of Hoth (Exclusive)

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2010 Legacy Collection Boxed Defense of Hoth (Exclusive) Action Figure

Product Description

Intergalactic battle set comes with figures, a tower and weapon accessories everything you need for a fullon, outofthis world fight! Laser tower features a launching missile and a hatch that opens to fit one figure. AntiVehicle cannon fires a missile accessory and features laser sighting for the figures! Set includes laser tower. Special Value pack includes K3PO and 2 Rebel Troopers figures with AntiVehicle cannon and medium repeating blaster accessories. Stage a battle of epic proportions with this detailed set! Open the hatch of your laser tower to set one of your Rebel Troopers inside and put him in charge of manning the towers missile launcher. Put your other Rebel Trooper in charge of the AntiVehicle cannon accessory and make him look through the laser sighting to set a lock on the target. When the target is in sight, fire the cannons missile accessory. Your K3PO figure is in charge of sounding the alarm if he sees enemies approaching and hes certainly sure to theres a major battle about to go down!

/!\ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.