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This week I am extremely excited to share with you modern Star Wars First Shot/Prototype items that we recently received in stock.  These one-of-a-kind action figures are difficult to find and do not come around often.  The fact that we received 40 prototype figures at the same time makes it all the better!  I really wish these were prototype vintage figures, but either way it is nice to have some porotype figures in stock.  Click the Brian’s Toys logo below to take a look at all of our First Shot figures in stock!

The following vintage 3-packs were manufactured by Kenner between the years of 1978-1982:
SW Sets 1978: Hero, Villain, & Android
SW Sets 1979: Creature & Droid
ESB Sets 1980: Bespin, Imperial Forces,  & Hoth Rebels
ESB Sets 1981: Imperial, Bespin, & Rebels
Note that some of these sets were re-released at different years with different characters.

A total of 16 sets were created by Kenner and they could be considered the rarest vintage production of Star Wars items issued.

Brian’s Toys has 2 of the 3 sets created in 1978.

Android Set:  I cannot believe Kenner created an ‘Android Set’ and included Chewbacca, what was Kenner thinking?  They did create a set a year later that was called the ‘Droid Set’ that included all droids.  
The android set we have is priced at $8,499.99 and has an overall grade of AFA 75.  The sub-grades are box 70, window 85, and figures 85.  This would have been a premier AFA 85 piece if it wasn’t for the box.  The box has a crease that goes completely across the card by the punch and a crease that goes completely across where the box meets the card.

Hero Set: The hero set is one of the toughest Kenner 3-packs to find.  It was surprising to many toy enthusiasts that Luke was not included in the first release of 3-packs.  Kenner did end up re-releasing a new hero set the next year and replaced Leia with a Luke in x-wing outfit.  That set is considered to be Hero Set II.

The hero set we have is priced at $7,999.99 and has an overall grade of AFA 60.  The sub-grades are box 70, window 60, and figures 80.  The main flaw is the bubble where Han Solo is has about a 2” crack.  The box also does have a crease along the top by the punch, light wear, and a small dent on the right side.  

If you like the design and look of the 3-packs and the price is too high, do not worry! Hasbro released modern 3-packs that will not break the bank and Gentle Giant also created some jumbo 3-packs.


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