30th Anniversary Expanded Universe Anakin Skywalker & Trade Federation Droid

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This Expanded Universe Comic 2-Pack includes two action figures and a full-comic from Dark Horse comics. Includes Anakin Skywalker and Assassin Droid action figures.

/!\WARNING-CHOKING HAZARD: Contains small parts. For Ages 4 & Up.

The battle is going badly for the Republic on Jabiim. Separatist forces are launching their final strike, and Republic forces are in retreat. Only a handful of Padawans, whose Masters have been killed in battle, stand between the Republic forces and the approaching Separatists with their Pollux A-Series Assassin Droids. The Padawans decide to fight the Separatists, giving the Republic forces time to escape. Anakin chooses to join them in their brave yet futile last stand, but fate has other plans for young Skywalker.

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Toy Line 30th Anniversary (2007-2008)