Star Wars Vintage Loose First Shot Prototype Han Solo (Small Head/Molded Legs) AFA 70 EX+ #11666222

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Star Wars Vintage Loose First Shot Han Solo (Small Head/Molded Legs) 

 1977 Kenner Star Wars / First Shot Action Figure / Han Solo / Small Head, Molded Legs / AFA 70 EX+ #11666222

 Please see images for details on condition.

Please see below for the background and history on this piece


Background and History

This figure is hand painted, not sonic welded and does not have any copyright information. It is a very early Star Wars first shot prototype with many of the typical characteristics of an item like this. The paint varies slightly in color from the production toy. The paint show brush marks and is heavy and thickly applied. The joints are slightly loose because the torso is hand glued, and therefore is not as tight as a sonic welded torso.

This figure was origninally acquired by collector Eddie Albano in 2004 from a former Kenner employee. Shortly after this, this piece was sold to Wayne Thompson in Canada where it remained until I was able to acquire it in March of 2008.

The piece comes with a solid backing and paper trail and can be traced back to the Original Kenner source which is rare with any prototype. This letter will serve as its certificate of authenticity and is guaranteed for the life of the item. 

Signed by James Gallo (Toy Heaven Owner) on April 17th 2008.


This item also comes with a Collectible Investment Brokerage Certificate of Authenticity singed by Tom Derby on February 6th 2018.

Both of these documents can be viewed through images and will be included with the piece. 

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