Download the free Brian's Toys app onto your mobile device and scan the barcodes of your toys to get a quote! Price My Toys is avaliable in the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

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Sell Your Toys!Organize your Collection!
1. Scan your toys to create a list
2. Submit for a quote
3. Reviewed prices appear in app!
4. Ship toys & get paid fast!
Don't want to sell? That's okay!
1. Scan your toys to create a list
2. Export your list to share
3. Add photos & notes

For more information about the selling your toys visit our buying page here.

Having issues with the Price My Toys App? Check out some of our FAQ and App support below. Contact us if your issues persist.

Brian's Toys app Development Team

Check out some of our help and pointers below!
“UPC Found; Enter Toy Name” - What does this mean?
The scanner has recorded the UPC but not the name of the toy.. This is ok! The UPC is all that is necessary to submit your list for a quote. Feel free to personalize your list, but photos and toy names are not necessary.
App Troubleshooting
If you are experiencing issues with the app, closing out of the app is the best way to resolve these issues.
Apple devices: Double tapp the circular home button and swipe the Price My Toys app upwards.
Android devices: Open up your settings and tap Applications. Tap Manage Applicdations. You will see a list of running applications, select the Price My Toys app and tap Force Stop.
Scanning Toys
Scan the barcode on your toy’s’ package to add it to your list. Scan one toy at a time, or use Multi-Scan to add all your items quickly. Multi-scan can be enabled in “More”.
All we need is the 12 digit UPC to quote most items in your collection. This code is recorded when you scan your item. .
Organizing your Collection
Select “Edit” to sort your collection. Manually sort toys by tapping and dragging a toy. To alphabetize your list click this icon on the bottom of the screen.
Creating Sublists
Have different types of toys? Tap the “Add List” button to create sublists. If you submit your list for an offer, all sublists will be included.
Adding Toys without Barcodes
Have a toy without a barcode? Add loose and vintage items by clicking “Edit” and “Add a Toy without Barcode.” Enter your toy name and click ‘Done’. To add more details about your toy, select the newly created item and click edit in the top right corner.
Toys without Prices
The dollar value displayed represents the price we are currently paying for your toy. Some toys may not have a price listed, but we are still interested in making you an offer. Submit your list to receive a quote for all of your toys!
Submitting Your List
After submitting your list, a locked copy is moved to the Submitted tab. Once we review your items, our offer will appear in the Submitted section..
Selling Your Toys

To sell your toys, tap “Get Quote” at the bottom of the page, enter your contact info and tap “Submit Your List.”

In 2-3 business days you will receive an email and app update with an offer for your collection. Finalize this offer and ship your toys to receive payment!

Shipping Your Toys
Once we verify your quote, ship your items at a discounted rate on the Brian’s Toys’ UPS account! Print shipping labels, package your toys, and drop off at a UPS location. We will deduct this discounted shipping cost from your payment.
Getting Paid for your Toys
You will receive payment for your toys after we review their condition. Payments are made via direct deposit, Paypal or check. For most collections electronic payments are made within 2-3 business days, while checks require up to 5 business days to be mailed.
Condition Standards for Toys
Prices shown assume items are new, unopened and factory sealed. We do purchase opened and loose items! Add notes about condition to ensure an accurate quote.
Export A List
Interested in sharing your list with others? Under the “More” tab email a copy of your list by clicking “Export Data.” You can email an Excel spreadsheet of your lists to share!
Do you buy any toylines not listed?
Yes, we are actively expanding on the brands and lines we purchase. For example, we are seeking several toylines such as Angry Birds, Pokémon, Jurassic Park, Toy Store but currently do not provide a checklist form.