Master Replicas ESB Episode V Rebel Snowspeeder Vehicle Limited Edition #342/1500

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 ITEM DESCRIPTION The Snowspeeder will be decorated to exactly match the speeder designated as "Rogue One", Luke Skywalker's speeder in The Empire Strikes Back, including all markings, weathering, and battle damage. This will be accomplished using a combination of pad printing, decals, spray painting and hand painting. To ensure intricate detail and durability, many of the fine parts have been reproduced from injection molded plastic and cold cast resin. Rests on a cradle consisting of three clear, triangular acrylic supports topped with black rubber pads to protect the undercarriage of the speeder. The speeder will rest on the supports and will not be physically attached in any way. ¾ studio scale replica of the Snowspeeder. Item Size 16" x 14" x 4". Display size is 19" x 18" x 11". 

Everything pictured is inlcuded - Item is Complete!

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