2012 Retro-Style Exclusive Carbon Freeze Chamber 6-Pack (With carded Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite)

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Includes Wave 14 in premium packaging along with a Vintage-Style carded Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite

Product Description

Celebrate 35 years of Star Wars in 2012 as we re-create a "lost" packaging line look that was created, contemplated├é┬Ł and put aside in favor of Kenner's classic black-and-silver Star Wars design. For the first time ever, we're bringing this line look out of the Kenner archives and treating you to a glimpse of what might have been. The same creative team who designed the black-and-silver look also developed this design as one of several options to be considered for the line. What might have been, what was and what is: It all captures our imaginations, just as the Star Wars saga captures our imaginations today, tomorrow and always!

Includes 6 vintage figures, plus an awesome, never-before-released figure of JAR JAR BINKS encased in Carbonite. Why JAR JAR? The real question is - why not?

Product Features

  • Celebrate 35 years of the Star Wars saga with vintage figures from each of the Star Warsmovies, plus a never-before-released alternative JAR JAR BINKS in Carbonite figure!

  • Unique, hexagon-shaped package with a "hidden" figure in the middle!

  • Packaging and JAR JAR in Carbonite figure was San Diego Comic Con 2012 exclusives.