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 We purchase unopened Star Trek action figures, vehicles, and accessories!

Escape hassle and ebay fees and quickly turn your collection into cash with Brian's Toys! Create a list of your items with the tools below. 

Price My Toys: Create a list with the Price My Toys mobile app by scanning the barcodes on your toys. Submit your list for an offer.

Online Webapp: This list includes prices for Star Trek toys produced by Playmates. Use the search options to add each of your items then submit your list! 

InstantQuote Form and PDF Lists: Download the form and add each of your figures. Email the completed list to buying@brianstoys.com.

For step-by-step instructions on our process, visit our main buying page.

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Quote Options

Online WebApp

Response Time:

1-2 Business Days

Use the online webapp to search and add each of your items to create a list. Submit for a quote.

InstantQuote Form

Response Time:

1-2 Business Days

Download the InstantQuote Excel checklist and then e-mail the completed form to buying@brianstoys.com

PDF Checklist

Response Time:

4-7 Business Days

Download this form to add your toys and create a list. Email list to buying@brianstoys.com




Brand/toyline not listed? Send us a list of UPCs & names of any collection and we will send you a quote!

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