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  1. Vintage Star Wars Micro Collection Mint-In-Box Imperial TIE Fighter
  2. Vintage Vehicle X-Wing Fighter (ROTJ) MIB with C-7 (Battle Damage Decals Unapplied) - Actual Photo
  3. Vintage Vehicle Snowspeeder C-7 with C-2 (Pink) Box (With "Special!" sticker) (Missing Rebel Soldier) - Actual Photo
  4. Vintage Star Wars Boxed ROTJ 1983 Kenner Scout Walker Vehicle MISB C-5
  5. Vintage Star Wars Return of the Jedi loose vehicle Tatooine Skiff
  6. Vintage Star Wars ESB Rebel Armored Snowspeeder "Special Stickered" Box C7
  7. Vintage Star Wars Boxed Sonic Controlled Land Speeder