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  1. Vintage Vehicles Loose Y-Wing C-7 (Missing 2 struts & bomb) - Actual Photo
  2. Vintage Star Wars Empire Strikes Back loose Slave I
  3. Vintage Vehicles Loose Y-Wing C-8 (missing front half of bomb) - Actual Photo
  4. Vintage Star Wars loose die-cast Darth Vader TIE Fighter
  5. Vintage Vehicles Loose A-Wing C-4 (Broken canopy, landing gears, and battery/cover) - Actual Photo
  6. Vintage Mini-Rig Loose MTV-7 C-9 - Actual Photo
  7. Vintage Star Wars Empire Strikes Back loose AT-AT
  8. Vintage Vehicles Loose Cloud Car C-8 #7 - Actual Photo
  9. Vintage Vehicles Loose Rebel Transport C-8 (Missing 2 rear gun mounts & 1 rear gun) - Actual Photo
  10. Vintage Star Wars Loose Sonic Landspeeder C7