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  1. Vintage Star Wars Return of the Jedi boxed Speeder Bike
  2. Vintage Mini-Rig Endor Forest Ranger MIB C-8 (Rare French Canadian Packaging) - Actual Photo
  3. Vintage Vehicle Twin-Pod Cloud Car C-9 with C-4 Box (No Decals) - Actual Photo
  4. Vintage Star Wars ESB Rebel Transport Vehicle
  5. Vintage Mini-Rig AST-5 MIB C-6 (decals unapplied) - actual photo
  6. Vintage Star Wars ESB Boxed Vehicle Rebel Transport C-7 with C-7 Box
  7. Vintage Star Wars packaged Die Cast Y-Wing Fighter
  8. Vintage Star Wars Boxed 1984 Kenner ROTJ B-Wing Fighter Vehicle C-8 with C-6 Box
  9. Vintage Star Wars Droids Mint-In-Box A-Wing Fighter
  10. Vintage Star Wars Return of the Jedi Mint-In-Sealed-Box Mini-Rig INT-4