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  1. Vintage Star Wars Boxed Vehicle Imperial Troop Transporter (ESB)
  2. Vintage Star Wars Loose Vehicle Slave
  3. Vintage Vehicles Loose Battle Damaged TIE Fighter
  4. Vintage Star Wars Tri-Logo Boxed Beast Assortment Sy Snootles and the Max Rebo Band
  5. Vintage Star Wars Loose Millennium Falcon
  6. Vintage Star Wars Loose B-Wing Vehicle C7
  7. Star Wars Vintage Loose Rebel Transport C7 (#3)
  8. Star Wars Vintage Loose Rebel Transport
  9. Vintage Star Wars Droids Boxed Vehicle A-Wing
  10. Vintage Vehicle Snowspeeder C-8 with C-6 (Pink) Box (not original string) - Actual Photo