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  1. Vintage Star Wars Boxed ROTJ Ewok Glider Mini-Rig C-9 With C-8 Box
  2. Vintage Star Wars Die Cast Boxed Vehicle Imperial Cruiser DCA 60 EX 33791760
  3. Vintage Star Wars 21 Back Carded Diecast Darth Vader TIE Fighter DCA 70 EX+ #32502070
  4. Star Wars Vintage Carded Takara DIE Cast X-Wing Vehicle C2
  5. Star Wars Vintage ROTJ Boxed Mini-Rig Endor Forest Ranger Vehicle (C8 w/ C5)
  6. Star Wars Vintage Vehicle Speeder Bike // C9 w/ C7 Box
  7. Vintage Boxed ESB Rebel Transport C8 w/ C5 Box (missing ramp)
  8. Star Wars Vintage Loose Rebel Transport C7 (#3)
  9. Vintage Star Wars Carded Vehicle 12-Back Landspeeder DCA 70 EX+ #36495914
  10. Vintage Star Wars Loose Vehicle Slave I