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  1. Vintage Vehicle Boxed Ewok Battle Wagon C-9 with C-6 Box - Actual Photo
  2. Vintage Vehicle Tatooine Skiff C-8 with C-6 Box (Landing Gear Lever doesn't work) - Actual photo
  3. Vintage Vehicles Loose Slave I C-7 (Missing some decals) - Actual Photo
  4. Vintage Vehicles Loose Y-Wing C-3 (Missing everything except 2 struts) - Actual Photo
  5. Vintage Vehicles Loose TIE Fighter C-8 (1 wing doesn't stay connected to cockpit) - Actual Photo
  6. Vintage Mini-Rig Loose MTV-7 C-9 - Actual Photo
  7. Vintage Die Cast Loose Landspeeder C-8 (Missing windshield) - Actual Photo
  8. Vintage Mini-Rig Loose Desert Sail Skiff C-8 (Missing some decals) - Actual Photo
  9. Vintage Vehicles Loose Y-Wing C-8 (missing top gun & bomb. Decals applied) - Actual Photo
  10. Vintage Vehicle Imperial Troop Transport (SW) C-8 with C-3 Box (no PoP) - Actual Photo
  11. Vintage Vehicle Ewok Battle Wagon MIB C-4 - Actual Photo
  12. Vintage Vehicle Speeder Bike MISB C-8 - Actual Photo
  13. Vintage Vehicle Speeder Bike MIB C-4 - Actual Photo
  14. Vintage Vehicle Speeder Bike MIB C-8 - Actual Photo
  15. Vintage Vehicle Imperial TIE Fighter C-8 with C-3 Box (no pop) - Actual Photo
  16. Vintage Vehicle TIE Interceptor MISB C-4 - Actual Photo
  17. Vintage Vehicle Snowspeeder C-8 with C-6 (Pink) Box (not original string) - Actual Photo
  18. Vintage Vehicle ATL Interceptor C-8 with C-6 box (decals applied/missing planetary map) - Actual Photo
  19. Vintage Mini-Rig Radar Laser Cannon (ROTJ) MIB C-3 (decals unapplied)
  20. Vintage Mini-Rig ISP-6 MIB C-6 (decals unapplied)
  21. Vintage Mini-Rig AST-5 MIB C-6 (decals unapplied) - actual photo
  22. Vintage Vehicles Loose Landspeeder C-6 - Actual Photo
  23. Vintage Vehicle Speeder Bike MISB C-8 - Actual Photo
  24. Vintage Star Wars loose vehicle Darth Vader TIE Fighter
  25. Vintage Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Vehicles Loose X-Wing