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AFA Graded


  1. Vintage Star Wars Loose ESB Dengar AFA U85 #15108820**
  2. Star Wars Vintage Loose Luke Skywalker w/ Telescoping Saber and COA AFA #12205243
  3. Star Wars Vintage SW Darth Vader 12 Back-C AFA 85 (C85 B85 F90) #10093210 ARCHIVAL
  4. Star Wars Vintage Snowspeeder (PINK BOX) AFA 80Q #13551110 With COA
  5. Vintage POTF Han Solo (In Trench Coat) 92 Back AFA 80Y #12555701 RARE
  6. Star Wars Vintage Loose AFA Graded SW Hammerhead AFA U90 #17834938
  7. Star Wars ROTJ 77 Back-A Ben Kenobi AFA 85 Y-NM+ (C80 B85 F85) #10906010
  8. Star Wars Vintage ROTJ Carded Death Star Droid AFA 80 NM #12265222
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  10. Front