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  1. Vintage 12" Loose Chewbacca C-8 (Missing bandolier/cartridges and bowcaster is broken)
  2. Vintage Die Cast Loose Millennium Falcon C-6 - Actual photo
  3. Vintage Beast Assortment Loose Taun-Taun (Open Belly) C-7 (Missing Reins) - Actual Photo
  4. Vintage Playsets Loose Imperial Attack Base C-8 - Actual Photo
  5. Vintage 12" Boxed Jawa MIB C-8 with C-2 Box (No Gun or PoP)
  6. Vintage 12" Boxed Boba Fett Action Figure with Box! Very Rare!
  7. Vintage 12" Boxed Boba Fett (SW) C-4 with C-2 Box (Figure, backpack and gun repainted; missing rocket tip)
  8. Vintage Die Cast Loose Landspeeder C-8 (Missing windshield) - Actual Photo
  9. Vintage Mini-Rig Loose Desert Sail Skiff C-8 (Missing some decals) - Actual Photo
  10. Vintage 12" Loose Ben Kenobi C-8 (missing saber)