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  1. 2011 Clone Wars Carded Jar Jar Binks (Re-Issue) C-8/9
  2. 2011 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Republic Attack Shuttle C-9
  3. 2011 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Anakin's Jedi Starfighter C-8/9
  4. 2011 Clone Wars Battle Pack Boxed Cad Bane's Escape C-9
  5. 2011 Clone Wars Deluxe Boxed Naboo Star Skiff with Anakin Skywalker C-9
  6. 2011 Clone Wars Carded Chewbacca (Kashyyyk Warrior) C-8/9
  7. 2011 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Cad Bane's Xanadu Blood C-9
  8. 2011 Legacy Collection Carded Republic Commando Delta Squad (TRU Exclusvie) C-8/9
  9. 2011 Clone Wars Carded ARF Trooper (Kamino) C-8/9
  10. 2011 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Kit Fisto's Jedi Starfighter C-8/9