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  1. POTF2 X-Wing (Red Box) C-8/9
  2. POTF2 Swoop Bike C-8/9
  3. POTF2 Speeder Bike (Expanded Universe) C-8/9
  4. POTF2 Luke Speeder Bike C-8/9
  5. POTF2 Cruisemissile Trooper C-8/9
  6. POTF2 Airspeeder C-9
  7. POTF2 Action Fleet Battle Pack #04 Imperial Hunters
  8. POTJ Vehicle Boxed TIE Interceptor C-8/9
  9. POTJ Vehicle Boxed B-Wing Fighter with Sullustan Pilot C-8/9
  10. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Sith Speeder And Darth Maul C-9