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  1. PRE ORDER: Black Series 6" Deluxe Boxed Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper
  2. PRE-ORDER: Rebels Command Versus Pack Set of 3 Boxed
  3. PRE-ORDER: Rebels Command Star Destroyer Boxed
  4. PRE-ORDER: Rebels Command Millennium Falcon
  5. PRE-ORDER:Rebels Hero Series Boxed X-Wing
  6. 2008 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Homing Spider Droid C-9
  7. 2008 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed General Grievous's Starfighter C-8/9
  8. 2008 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed ARC-170 C-9
  9. 2008 Vehicles Boxed Grievous Starfighter C-9
  10. 2008 Vehicles Boxed AT-AP Republic Walker C-9