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  1. POTF2 Action Fleet Rebel Snowspeeder
  2. POTF2 Action Fleet Rancor
  3. POTJ Vehicle Boxed B-Wing Fighter with Sullustan Pilot C-8/9
  4. PRE-ORDER: Star Wars: Rebels Vehicle Boxed Phantom Attack Shuttle
  5. 2011 Clone Wars Vehicle Boxed Anakin's Jedi Starfighter C-8/9
  6. POTJ Vehicle Boxed Snowspeeder (opened, No Dack)
  7. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Armored Scout Tank (small box) C-9
  8. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Trade Federation Droid Fighters C-8/9
  9. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Sebulba's Pod Racer C-9
  10. Revenge of the Sith Micro Vehicles AT-RT and BARC Speeder C-9