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Brian's Toys offers the widest selection of action figures, vehicles, playsets, and more from the newer Star Wars toy lines like Power of the Force 2 series 1995-2000; Episode I 1999-2000; and Power of the Jedi 2000-Present. We also look forward to carrying all of the newest items from The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and all future movies.


  1. Power of the Force 2 Shadows of the Empire Dash Rendar's Outrider (Purple Box)
  2. Power of the Force 2 Luke Skywalker with Speeder Bike
  3. Power of the Force 2 Leia Speeder Bike
  4. Power of the Force 2 Landspeeder
  5. Power of the Force 2 X-Wing Fighter FX Electronic
  6. Power of the Force 2 A-Wing Fighter
  7. Power of the Force 2 Airspeeder
  8. Power of the Force 2 Imperial Speeder Bike
  9. Saga Exclusive Vehicle Red Leader's X-Wing Fighter
  10. Saga Exclusive Vehicle Luke Skywalker's Dagobah X-Wing (with R2-D2 figure)
  11. Saga Exclusive Vehicle A-Wing
  12. Attack of the Clones Vehicle Jango Fett's Slave I
  13. Power of the Force 2 Tatooine Skiff
  14. Power of the Force 2 Swoop Bike
  15. POTJ Vehicle Boxed TIE Bomber C-8/9
  16. POTJ Vehicle Boxed Imperial AT-ST & Speeder Bike C-8/9
  17. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Stap and Battle Droid (Sneak Preview)
  18. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Armored Scout Tank (large box)
  19. Episode I Vehicle Boxed Anakin Skywalker's Pod Racer
  20. POTJ Vehicle Boxed TIE Interceptor C-8/9
  21. 2016 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Boxed TIE Striker Vehicle With TIE Fighter Pilot Action Figure
  22. Black Series 6" Deluxe Boxed Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper
  23. Rebels Hero Series Boxed X-Wing
  24. POTF2 R/C Imperial Speeder Bike
  25. POTJ Vehicle Boxed Snowspeeder (opened, No Dack)