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  1. Original Trilogy Basic Carded C-3PO
  2. POTF2 Jabba's Dancers Multi-Figure Pack C-9
  3. POTF2 Hong Kong Villians 3-Pack
  4. POTF2 Hong Kong Heroes 3-Pack
  5. POTF2 Death Star Escape Multi-Figure Pack C-8/9
  6. POTF2 Classic 4-Pack Toys R Us C-9
  7. POTF2 Cantina Showdown Multi-Figure Pack C-9
  8. POTF2 Cantina Aliens Multi-Figure Pack C-9
  9. POTF2 Beast Assortment Rancor with Luke Jedi C8/9
  10. POTJ Silver Anniv. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader