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  1. Clone Wars Deluxe Carded Durge with Swoop Bike
  2. Clone Wars Commemorative DVD Collection Anakin, Saesee Tiin, Clone Trooper
  3. Clone Wars Multi-Pack Carded Droid Army
  4. Clone Wars Multi-Pack Carded Clone Trooper Army (Red Clone Trooper)
  5. Clone Wars Carded Animated Yoda C-9
  6. 2009 Legacy Collection Battle Pack Boxed Geonosis Assault
  7. 2009 Clone Wars Battle Pack Boxed Rishi Moon Outpost Attack
  8. Clone Wars Multi-Pack Carded Jedi Knight Army
  9. Clone Wars Carded Anakin Skywalker & Clone Trooper Lieutenant
  10. POTJ Silver Anniv. Han Solo and Chewbacca