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  1. POTF2 Green Card Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi C-9
  2. POTF2 Green Card Sandtrooper C-9
  3. POTF2 Red Card Han Solo (carbonite) C-9
  4. POTF2 Freeze Frame Card Han Solo (carbonite) C-9
  5. POTF2 Variations Bib Fortuna (autographed with Michael Carter hologram sticker)
  6. POTF2 Green Card Dengar C-9
  7. POTF2 Green Card Weequay (Skiff Guard)
  8. POTF2 Red Card R2-D2 C-9
  9. POTF2 Freeze Frame Card Lak Sivrak C-9
  10. POTF2 CommTech Admiral Motti C-9