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  1. AOTC Carded Anakin (Geonosis Hangar Duel) 2nd Card C-9
  2. Episode I Carded Naboo Royal Security C-9
  3. Saga 2 Carded Major Bren Derlin C-9
  4. 2008 Legacy Collection Carded Kashyyyk Trooper C-9
  5. AOTC Carded Lama Su with Clone Youth C-9
  6. Episode I Carded Rune Haako with Bonus Battle Droid
  7. Saga 2 Carded Momaw Nadon C-9
  8. 2008 Legacy Collection Legends Carded Shock Trooper C-9
  9. AOTC Carded Aayla Secura 2nd Card C-9
  10. 2010 Clone Wars Carded Jungle Camo ARF Trooper C-9