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  1. Black Series Carded Clone Trooper Sergeant
  2. POTJ 3 3/4" Carded Leia Organa (Bespin Escape)
  3. Original Trilogy Basic Carded Darth Vader (ROTJ) C-8/9
  4. 2008 Clone Wars Carded R2-D2 (1st Day of Issue Foil) C-9
  5. Saga 2 Carded Dud Bolt and Mars Guo
  6. Clone Wars Carded ARC Trooper C-9
  7. Saga 2 Carded Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ep 3)
  8. Episode I Carded Darth Sidious
  9. Episode I Carded Padme Naberrie with Bonus Battle Droid
  10. Revenge of the Sith Carded Anakin Skywalker (Battle Damage) C-9