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  1. Attack of the Clones Carded Jango Fett Pilot
  2. Episode I Carded Mace Windu
  3. Attack of the Clones Carded Tusken Raider [Tatooine Camp Ambush]
  4. Saga 2 Carded Clone Trooper 442nd Battalion
  5. Episode I Sam's Club 2-Pack Padme Naberrie and Obi-Wan Kenobi
  6. Saga Exclusives Carded Boba Fett (silver)
  7. Saga 2 Galactic Hunt General Grievous
  8. POTF2 Green Card Princess Leia Organa (Jabba's Prisoner)
  9. 2011 Clone Wars Carded Savage Opress (Shirtless)
  10. Black Series 3.75" Carded Han Solo (Carbonite)