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  1. Revenge of the Sith Carded Cat Miin (Separatist) C-9
  2. 2010 Vintage-Style Carded Fi-Ek Sirch
  3. 2010 Clone Wars Carded Mace Windu
  4. Revenge of the Sith Carded Clone Pilot (Gray) C-9
  5. 2010 Vintage-Style Carded Han Solo (Return of the Jedi card)
  6. 2011 Clone Wars Carded Kit Fisto (Cold Weather Gear)
  7. Revenge of the Sith Carded Commander Gree (Battle Gear) C-9
  8. 2010 Vintage-Style Carded Luke (Bespin Fatigues)
  9. 2012 Movie Heroes Carded Battle Droid (Maroon) C-8/9
  10. 2009 Legacy Collection Expanded Universe 2-Pack Carded Yuuzhan Vong & Kyle Katarn