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  1. 2009 Legacy Coll. EU 2-Pack Carded Storm Commando & General Weir C-9
  2. 2010 Vintage-Style Carded Wedge Antilles C-8/9
  3. 2010 Clone Wars Multi-Pack Boxed Clone Troopers from The Hidden Enemy C-9
  4. 2012 Disney Exclusive Carded Rizzo as Yoda (Limited Edition)
  5. Revenge of the Sith Carded AT-TE Tank Gunner (Clone Army)
  6. Gentle Giant 12" Jumbo Vintage Droids 3-Pack (R5-D4, Death Star Droid, & Power Droid)
  7. 2011 Commemorative Blu-Ray Boxed Revenge of the Sith Episode III C-8/9
  8. 2010 Clone Wars Carded Embo C-9
  9. 2012 Clone Wars  Carded Plo Koon (cold weather gear) C-9
  10. Revenge of the Sith Carded Captain Antilles (Senate Security)