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Star Wars

Brian's Toys sells primarily Star Wars action figures, vehicles, playsets, and more from the vintage Kenner series, 1977-1984; the newer Power of the Force 2 series 1995-2000; Episode I 1999-2000; and Power of the Jedi 2000-Present. We look forward to carrying all of the newest items to provide the greatest selection online for Star Wars collectors.


  1. Saga 2 Greatest Hits Carded Padme C-9
  2. Vintage Star Wars Carded ROTJ Chief Chirpa 77 Back-A AFA 85Y-NM+ #11667649
  3. Vintage Star Wars Loose ROTJ  Rebel Commando Action Figure AFA 85 NM+ #19883702
  4. POTF2 CommTech Jawa and Gonk Droid
  5. Vintage Star Wars Carded ESB 48 Back-A Han Solo (Bespin Outfit) Action Figure AFA 75 EX+/NM #11863481
  6. Saga 2 Carded Aurra Sing
  7. Saga Collection Prototype 3 3/4" Teebo Action Figure (On Con. KF)
  8. POTJ 3 3/4" Carded Jek Porkins (X-Wing Pilot) C-8/9
  9. Licensed Artwork "Patience" - Gilcee on  Paper (By Mike Kungl)
  10. Force Awakens Deluxe Boxed Desert Assault Walker - Entertainment Earth Exclusive