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HUGE buy price increases on
Vintage Star Wars 12-Backs!
Plus prices increased on Vintage 20/21 backs!

Attention all sellers,

Brian's Toys buys toys! Looking to sell your collection. Due to increasing demand for Vintage Star Wars carded figures, we have increased our buying price on all Kenner Star Wars 12-back and 20/21-Back action figures. See below for a few examples of the prices we are paying for C-8 or AFA 85 quality action figures.

Ben Kenboi
12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $1,250.00

Luke Skywalker
12-Back C-8
PAYING: $500.00

Vinyl Cape Jawa
12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $5,500.00

12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $800.00

12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $1,250.00

Han Solo (Large Head)
12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $1,800.00

12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $1,000.00

Princess Leia
12-Back C-8
PAYING: $400.00

12-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $900.00

Boba Fett
20/21 Back C-8
PAYING: $1,500.00

Death Star Droid
20/21 Back AFA 85
PAYING: $600.00

Boba Fett
20/21-Back AFA 85
PAYING: $3,500.00

To find out more information on how you can sell your collection or to see the complete list of price increased, check out the recent Star Wars buying newsletter.

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