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This week I'll be discussing a subject that has been on my mind for some time, collecting Star Wars POTF2, Episode I, POTJ and Saga toy lines. These particular lines were created by Kenner and Hasbro in the mid 1990s-early 2000’s.  

These lines were mass produced by Kenner and Hasbro after noticing how big of a phenomenon Star Wars had become. Star Wars toys were the hottest things on the market and it had to do with the popularity of the movies. Toy collectors also noticed the large increase in value for the vintage items from the 70s-80s so many flocked to purchase the new toys which created a massive demand. Many of these collectors banked on the figures having the same rarity of the vintage items. Unfortunately it did not have the same effect due to over saturation of the market.

What I did not know when accepting a purchasing position with Brian’s Toys was just how many people had POTF2, Episode I, POTJ, and Saga toys still in the package. Daily I get several people calling and e-mailing to inquire selling their figures from the 90s/00s. Brian’s Toys prices items based on condition, market price, how quickly items are selling and how many we have in stock. I get many people that are surprised to hear that we're offering $1-3 a piece for many of the 4-inch figures from the 90s/00s.

Overall these items are still very cool, because come on- they are Star Wars! Just don't expect to make much more than the original cost of the figures back in the day though. I usually suggest passing the items down to a young kid or a loved one because making a kid happy could be more worthwhile than putting a few dollars in your pocket. All of this is the case unless you have the some of the most rare modern figures like POTF2 Ben Kenobi (Short Saber, Long Tray), POTF2 Weequay Freeze Frame.



To get a quote with Brian’s Toys on any of your Star Wars items or other collectibles you can click here to use one of our easy to use pricing tools.

Check in next week and I will be talking about some of the fantastic Cyber Monday sales we will be having. Some of the items will even be on sale for under cost!


My name is Travis Stein and I am the purchasing manager for Brian’s Toys.  I enjoy finding interesting or unique pieces to share with the toy 

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