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 This week I will be discussing the new Tri-Logo Palitoy Yoda (Orange Snake) AFA 70 that we received this week. 

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This tri-logo Yoda was produced in 1984 and is a 70 Back-B.  The Yoda has the following subgrades: Card 75, Bubble 70, and figure 85.  Even though AFA did not claim the bubble was yellow I can see a small tint of yellow on the bubble.  The bubble received a 70 because it does have some dents, most of the dents can be seen on the top of the bubble.

The reason this piece has the premium price of $4,299.99 is the orange snake.  It is extremely rare to find a carded Tri-Logo Yoda with the orange snake.  You can commonly find the Tri-Logo Yoda with the brown snake, but the orange snake is going to make the figure much more valuable.  Not many Yoda’s with the orange snake were produced on the tri-logos.  In the 23 years Brian’s Toys has been in business I could count on one hand how many times we have had this figure in stock.  Doing a quick search on eBay there are plenty of brown snake tri-logo figures for sale but no orange snakes.

If you are serious collector this is a hard to find piece if you are trying to complete your collection.  You can e-mail if you have any further questions about the figure.  We also do payment plans!



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