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This week I will be discussing the ESB Boba Fett 12-Inch AFA 75+ figure priced at $4,999.99.  I often feature Boba Fett items on my blog, because he is one of the more sought out characters to purchase.  This particular Boba Fett was featured on last week’s newsletter, but is worthy to discuss considering the grade.

This Boba Fett received the grade of AFA 75+ with the sub grades of B75 W80 F80 (Box 75, Window 80, Figure 80).   The box has wear, scuffs marks, and a crease on the top.  The factory tape is yellowing and the window does have a scuff mark where there seems to be some sort of paint from the figure.  You can get detailed pictures by clicking on the picture and magnifying the pictures on the listing.

The 12-Inch ESB Boba Fett has a high grade of 75+, which is extremely close to an AFA 80.  The grading company AFA (Action Figure Authority) started implementing a ‘+’ grade in their listings about 5 months ago.  AFA also grades video games and they used the plus grading system.  Since the plus grade system was so popular with video games they decided to implement it with action figures.  In my opinion this is a great move as it helps collectors identify exceptional pieces easier.

The Boba Fett comes with a bunch of fun accessories including: a rifle, a belt, plastic rocket, green cloth cape, and 2 wookie scalps.  You will not be purchasing this to enjoy the accessories though; this is a piece that must be displayed in the acrylic AFA case along with your other Boba Fett collectibles!  Out of the 12-inch ESB figures that were produced, Boba Fett is the figure that will show up on a more regular basis.  Either way this piece is difficult to get at such a high grade or even sealed.



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