Welcome back! It has been awhile since our last post, but we have something especially exciting to share with you today!

We recently acquired and sold two Vintage 21 Back-B Stormtroopers, but not just any old 21 Back-B Stormtroopers. The two particular Stormtroopers that we acquired had bagged guns and Yellow stands. While 21 Back Stormtroopers are the rarest card variation the combination of the card back, bagged gun and colored stand is what makes the ones we sold extremely rare. Currently the only graded ones out there are two with Red stand, 2 with Yellow stand and bagged gun, and one that is missing the stand.  The two with red stands were sold back in 2016. This combination of qualities can skyrocket the value of a 21 Back Stormtrooper. 

What other figures are considered rare and/or high value in the Star Wars Universe?

  • Carded Tri-Logo General Madine
  • Carded or Loose Double Telescoping Ben Kenobi
  • Carded or Loose Double Telescoping Darth Vader
  • Carded or Loose Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker
  • Carded or Loose Glassite Vlix 
  • Carded or Loose Vinyl Cape Jawa
  • Carded 21 Back Harbert Luke Skywalker


That is all we have for now, but we will be back again soon with more exciting and interesting things to share with you! Until then, check out your closet to see if you have any unique or rare items in your collection. Some of them may be worth more than you think!