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Masters of the Universe Classics Carded Lord Dactus C-8/9

Masters of the Universe Classics Carded Lord Dactus C-8/9


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This winged warrior isn’t just hanging around the caves of Spelea feeling blue, he’s ready to fly into action to defend Eternia. The fully articulated Lord Dactus figure features giant bat wings and comes with removable armor. He can hold his ancestral weapon, the Sword of Ke-dik, in his clawed hands.

Character Biography
Real Name:
Dactus of Spelea

Heroic leader of the Bat-like Speleans who live deep underground in Subternia, Dactus waged a long war against his former ally Ceratus for possession of Hollow Eternia. After a series of attacks by Skeletor and King Hssss, Dactus was convinced by King Randor to put aside his differences with the Calligars and work together as members of his new Eternian Council. A born warrior, he often leaves his diplomatic duties to fight on the battlefield as one of the Masters of the Universe. During one adventure he traveled with Chief Carnivus and Clamp Champ to free Princess Vess from Skeletor’s clutches. Dactus’ massive wings and sharp fangs give him a frightening appearance which he uses to scare off and then attack the evil warriors!

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Comes stored in white cardboard box.
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